Posted by: gargupie | July 1, 2010


I love to season my foods with natural spices or herbs.  Comes the summer time, my palate favors something pungent and spicy, thus to stimulate my appetite.

I eat ginger everyday. Yes. The actual underground stem of a plant (Zingiber officinale).  I like it in my green juice (extra spicy please) or sliced thinly with my stir-fry.  Medicinally, ginger helps to treat common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches and even motion sickness. So the next time you feel nauseous, bite on a piece of ginger instead of taking a pill.

Asian cooking uses a lot of ginger, such as pickled ginger, ginger tea, ginger rice, and yes ginger cookies.  

When possible, of course, always use fresh ginger, whether sliced, grated, or juiced.  But in a baking recipe, grounded form is often asked for.



  1. Ginger is a staple in Chinese cooking. It’s in soups and most dishes. It is better to eat a bit of ginger to alleviate nauseous than to buy drugstore pills.

  2. I love ginger. You’re right, it is such a versatile ingredient!

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