Posted by: gargupie | June 29, 2010

Chinese Water Spinach

The raising mercury point in NYC is really making me crave for a plate of vegetables for dinner more and more.  Albeit, I still prefer to have cooked greens rather than a raw salad.  Perhaps I still want to end my day with something warming internally. 

Basically, I love all Chinese green vegetables.  Grocery shopping is like my fetish – put me in a local market and I could go crazy.  Thank goodness I do not have the same craziness over brand clothing!

So this time, I want to introduce Chinese water spinach – the stalks are thick and hollow, while the leaves are delicate and willowy.  Despite its name, the taste is not as bitter as the typical spinach, so that might be a welcoming reassurance for some.  I like to stir-fry it with garlic and red chili peppers, but for a Malay style, cook it with fermented shrimp paste.



  1. I love spinach of all kinds (especially paired with garlic and red chilis) so I know I would love this!

  2. Oh man, I LOVE water spinach. My husband and I live near an authentic Chinese restaurant… they have the most amazing food there. My girlfriends and I have dinner there once in a while and we go nuts over the water spinach. It is so amazing!!!

    • Glad you appreciate this vegetable as well! I love the crunchiness (for a lack of a better term for greens, hehe) and is such a great palate cleanser aside from the other protein on the dinner table.

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