Posted by: gargupie | June 26, 2010

Indian Samosa


I’ve been on a post hiatus, but I am back and glad to report that I am now working with a new camera, so the photos should look sharper and more appetizing. 🙂

Indian food used to be my favorite cuisine in the winter months.  Just the thought of sopping up all the curry goodness with freshly baked naan bread warms my body and soul.  But now that we are entering summery season, the heat from curry is not my priority, though I still want my occasional Indian fix. So what better way to satisfy my craving than a small appetizer?

Samosa is a small fried turnover that features either savory or sweet filling.  I was walking along the Little India neighborhood in Manhattan and came across a small deli that had three lonely vegetarian samosa in a plastic case by the cashier.  It was only $1, so not a big damage on my wallet (whereas the restaurant could charge up to $3 each.)  I saved the triangular pocket of joy till I get home, so I graciously stopped the proprietor from microwaving it.

Lesson be learned.  Warm up a cold samosa in a toaster/oven rather than a microwave to resurrect the crispy exterior.  Mine was a big soggy due to condensation.  Oh, it was spicy alright, but not overly.  The filling consisted of green peas, mashed up potatoes and other random vegetables.  It is a lite snack that ties you over from lunch to dinner.



  1. Love samosas! Just have not had a chance to try my hand at making them! You are tempting me now!

    • hmm…do I see a future post on samosa on your blog in the near future to tease my appetite? 🙂

  2. Oooh, these are one of our favorites to order at Indian restaurants! These look delicious!

    • Thanks! It’s not the freshest, but I felt the need to suppose this little Indian deli.

  3. Samosas sound delicious. I love crusty filled pastries. I have to check out some recipes.

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