Posted by: gargupie | June 12, 2010

Baby Bok Choy

Now that the summer is slowly moving in (Finally!), I start to think about greens more than root vegetables (such as sweet potatoes and lotus), which I crave during the wintertime. Season eating is very important to me, so the warm weather tells me I need food that would awake my body, so in the future posts, you will be seeing a lot of green goodness. 🙂

I love all green vegetables, but if I REALLY have to be picky, it would be gai lan, brussels sprouts, choi sum, and baby bok choy.   Baby bok choy is also called Chinese cabbage.  It has a very mild flavor and is great as a stir-fry with some sliced garlic.  Usually, I stir-fry baby bok choy on its own, but sometimes when I do not feel like making a second dish for dinner, I combine this leafy vegetable along with mushrooms for nutritional and textural purposes.  Pair this dish with a bowl of brown rice, relax with a cup of green tea, and that is my evening.  Very zen-like, is not it? 🙂


  1. Of course it’s zen-like! haha..

    Yes, I enjoy baby bok choy as well (more so than the regular ones). If I don’t feel like stir-frying it, I do boil it, and add a tiny bit of oyster sauce on top.

    • yea! Oyster sauce is the way to go as well! 🙂

  2. I love bok choy too! Very delicious and healthy. 🙂

  3. So good for you! I love mushrooms too

  4. True very zen-like; and I love this zen-like dinner and the good taste and simplicity of it all!

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