Posted by: gargupie | May 21, 2010

Dragon fruit

Sometimes, I am quite boring when it comes to personal food choices.  I have my favorites, especially with fruits. I cannot (or rarely) go through a day without a banana and an apple.  These are my staples – edible elements that anchor my daily health.  Sure, there are a variety of fruits out there, but I play favoritism and I cannot help it.  Of course, I do venture and try other fruits, especially seasonal ones.  Right now, dragon fruits are glossing fruit stalls in my local Asian markets.  Visually, they are like balls of fire. Very fierce, but if you taste them, the flavor is quite mild and of course, sweet, but not overly.   

There are two main kinds – white and red flesh ones, but the whites are more common.  These are not  ‘cheap’ fruits and usually sold by the pounds.  I like to eat mine as is or sliced into a salad.  I would not cook with it because I prefer the raw form, as in most of my favorite eats.  Boring? I like to say I prefer to let the foods shine in their natural glory.


  1. Impressive- never seen the inside of a dragon fruit before!

  2. so nice of you to talk about the dragon fruit; I have seen it often at the Hong Kong market where I shop but I just was not daring enough to buy it; now I will!

  3. I’ve seen this fruit on blogs but never when I was out shopping…I’ll keep looking for it though. I’m dying to try it! 🙂

    • Definitely try it out! It’s an exotic fruit! 🙂

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