Posted by: gargupie | May 12, 2010

Mung Bean Sprouts


I have been on a ‘sprout kick’ recently and I guess it all started with mung bean sprouts. Not sure what they are? Well, if you have ever had pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), then you would recognize the tadpole-liked sprouts, which were once mung beans.  You can also enjoy them in any stir-fry dishes, which you also see in other Asian cuisines as well.  You can, of course, sprout your own, but they are always available at Asian supermarkets, so I just buy them as by the pound (one pound is enough to last a few meals for myself). 

So tonight, I did a stir-fry by combining bean sprouts, Chinese greens (choi sum), and lily bulbs. Add a bowl of rice and it becomes a nourishing dinner.



  1. Oh, I love mung bean sprouts too! 😀 Although usually I don’t cook them 🙂

    (I answered you on directly on my blog but then realized that maybe you won’t see it, so I’m copying it here)

    I’ve finished 2nd of “bachillerato”: it’s how we call the last two years of school before university. A part from not being compulsory, there is already a little specialization (in secondary school, until students are 16, we all study the same) and I chose the social sciences branch.

    There is also a scientific, humanistic and artistic “bachillerato”. We all share some subjects (i.e, Spanish or philosophy) but there are some specific ones too (like Economics in my case, or Chemistry for the scientific).

    On the one hand, is great because you can choose but on the other hand it limits you: for instance, I couldn’t study medicine because I didn’t do the scientific speciality.

  2. Sprouts are delicious and so healthy. Your stir-fry sounds really good!

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