Posted by: gargupie | April 24, 2010

Annual NYC Sikh Day Parade 2010

I do not attend cultural events as much I want to.  One of the positive things about living in New York City is the opportunity to witness different cultural/ethnically experiences.  Sometimes my excuse could be the weather (rainy, cold, dry…you name it) or I have too much on my plate to spend time doing leisure activities.  Though I had no such excuse today. The weather was fine and sunny and I still have ‘Sunday’ to cram in my works. So, off I went to the annual NYC Sikh Day Parade

I may not be educated in the Sikh culture, but I know it is a religion originated from India.  I looked up a bit of its history online and found that the Punjab region is the historic homeland of Sikhism. No wonder the food I saw the eaters were savoring were Punjabi-influenced as well. 

The Sikh people were very nice at the parade. The volunteers gave out free drinks and food, but because of the long line, I did not attempt to wait for the delicious food though.  So I asked a random eater and politely asked if I could try a little of the flatbread he was eating (their chapatis).  He was so kind and even offered half a piece to me. Especially knowing that he ‘fought’ to get his food, his generosity was greatly appreciated. Of course, I just ripped off a little just to know what it tasted like.  Plain. Like a Mexican tortilla. No wonder the Sikh people eat them with curries and other saucy dishes.

I also took some free Sikh music.  Got to expand my cultural horizon…

Here are more photos.



  1. that’s definitely something i miss about living in NYC – getting to do stuff like that so easily (in l.a. you have to deal with traffic and parking!)

    to answer your question on my blog, the nature’s path granola bars are good, but really really sweet. almost too sweet, which is strange for me to say b/c i have such a love for sugar!

  2. Hi there… I just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my blog recently. I do hope we can stay in touch. Your blog looks very interesting, I will definitely be back!


    • Thanks for commenting! Would love to KIT 🙂

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