Posted by: gargupie | April 11, 2010

Yamaimo – Japanese yam

I was first introduced to yamaimo in Japan (surprise, surprise).  But not in its original form, but rather as tororo (grated yam) over cold soba.   Yamaimo is texturally sticky (like okra) and well, just plain slimy.  Not the most appetizing element visually, but it has got lots of fiber, Vitamin C and B1 and I find it fun to eat!  Kind of like slurping noodle…just not in noodley form.

You can serve yamaimo raw (like tororo) or cooked, like this stir-fried dish I made tonight.  I just peeled the skin off (be careful! Wear gloves because it might cause an allergic reaction), sliced it into stripes, and cooked them with some bean sprouts and enoki mushroom with a dash of soy sauce and chili pepper. I also added some cilantro and scallion for some color.


  1. Your stir fry looks delicious! And it’s the perfect use for Japanese yam. 🙂

    • Thanks Faith! I love tororo, but too lazy to grate some and can get quite messy. 🙂

  2. I loooooooove yamaimo. Drool!

    • I concur. So slimy, but oh so good. 🙂

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