Posted by: gargupie | March 24, 2010

What does Passover mean to me…my love of Matzoh!

Although I am not Jewish, I love me some Matzoh! And to go along with the healthy lifestyle, I always purchase the whole wheat version. Sometimes I think Matzoh is so much healthier than bread because if you see the list of ingredients, they are just whole wheat flour and water. Period. It’s also non-perishable (but please, don’t forget about it in the pantry), until bread that would get moldy after a few days in open space.

Matzoh is such a versatile vehicle for all types of condiment or dip.  I tend to use it for hummus, avocado spread, yogurt, or just plain, like a cracker. I can have Matzoh as a meal everyday. It is like creating a sandwich, without the yeasty quality of bread. 

Now that Passover is upon us, only unleavened bread can be eaten for the observants. I am going to miss my fluffy pitas served at Israeli restaurants (which are not allowed to bake leavened bread), but I am also happy to see rows and rows of a variety of Matzoh available in the supermarkets now.

What do you like to pair with your Matzoh?


  1. I agree, matzoh is delicious! I like to eat it topped with cheese.

  2. Sorry, that last comment was from me! 🙂 (I’m helping a friend get a new site up and running.)

  3. @Faith. No problem. Thanks for stopping by! What type of cheese do you like? 🙂

    By the way, I love how you design your blog with wordpress. I want to personalize mine a bit. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

  4. I like matzo too the unsalted one! I find it delicious because I love crunchy everything, especially with tahini and dibs (carob molasses) or peanut butter

    • i buy the unsaled, whole wheat matzoh. Hmm…with hummus…

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