Posted by: gargupie | January 17, 2010

Konnyaku Jelly

Another name for “konnyaku” is “devil’s tongue”. No, it’s not a voodoo delicacy, but rather a healthy block of jelly made from konnyaku potato and calcium hydroxide that’s commonly found in Japanese dishes. It has recently gained popularity due to its fiber value and it’s low in calories and contains no fat; hence, it’s also considered a ‘diet’ food. But I don’t like to think this way. I love its texture (a little slimy, yet firm) and I love to decorate it to beautify my meal. Because it has no ‘taste’, you can dress it up anyway you like. Pair it with your favorite sauce or flavor, stir fry it with chopped vegetables (I like to use slivered carrots, sliced celery, mushrooms and diced scallions) or add it to your raw salads. Yes, you can eat konnyaku raw too, just remember to rinse it before eating it.

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