Posted by: gargupie | January 6, 2010

Another Birthday Treat – Chocolate Hershey’s Kiss Mini Cake

When i finished my academic work study, the department I worked with presented me with a mug full of Hershey’s kisses. Unfortunately, I’m not a chocoholic (Gasp!), so I’ve been brainstorming how should I deal with these mini sugary seductions. Then, my friend’s birthday was this last weekend and since I’m on a tight budget (tuition is really expensive…), I usually bake goods as a birthday present. So far, nobody has complained…yet. This time, I baked a chocolate cake adored with a kiss…a Hershey’s kiss. This recipe is really for cookies, but I used a toaster instead of an oven, so I had limited heating space.

I always recycle the aluminum tart tins from the Chinese bakery’s egg custard tarts. My mother always complains that I collect so much ‘garbage’, but instead of ‘buying’ the tart bases, I’m reusing the old ones. Isn’t that more environmental and economical? 🙂

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