Posted by: gargupie | January 1, 2010

Diner Food

How did your new year start? Mine wasn’t too pleasant. First, I didn’t sleep well last night, then I had a bad lunch experience at a supposedly ‘fancy’ restaurant. I had confirmed if the lunch prix-fixe was available even on New Year’s Day, but when I arrived, it was a different story. Also, when I ordered some take out from a Chinese restaurant, instead of what I paid for, I received a carton of cabbage instead. Apparently, someone else took my ‘more expensive’ order. Well, luckily, the restaurant will replace my order when I go back to get it tomorrow (which I’ve to purposely travel there) and the man over the phone was very polite and courteous. So guess it didn’t end up to be so bad…

Anyway, on a more positive note, I haven’t had a creative outlet lately, so I went on a photo shot this morning. I love vintage buildings, especially old-fashioned diners. If I had to choose, I still prefer the elbows on the table dining experience over a 5-star one. I savor casual things over elegant ones I guess. When it comes to diner food, I looove the toast. Don’t know why, but it always come out perfectly crunchy and well…toasty. It’s probably a shocker to you, but I often order the 4 steamed vegetable plates. Yea, it’s probably frozen vegetables, but I always get a baked potato as my ‘starch’ on the plate and I just adore it since I’ve no patient to bake one at home. Who has time to wait 45 minutes for a meal? 🙂 What’s your favorite diner food?

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