Posted by: gargupie | October 17, 2009

The Incredible ‘Inedible’ Egg…shell

We’ve all been ‘brainwashed’ by health magazines and the medical field on the health benefits of eggs. Yes, the protein. Yes, the vitamins. And yes, it curves your appetite. But what about the ‘forgotten’ child…the egg shell? Of a boiled egg, we peeled it away to reveal the price winning – the ‘meat’. Then we throw the literally shattered shells into the trash. We crack an egg and once again, dump the half broken pieces into the garbage, only wanting the yolk and the white. Poor egg shell. But I shall discover and educate the public on your usefulness.

There are lots of ways you can reuse your egg shell. No, you’re not going to eat it, but it’s a versatile little gadget for your everyday duties. Here are just a few examples. Feel free to add in some more!

1) To get rid of water stain inside a water bottle – Soak it with egg shells twice and then dump the content out.

2) A facial mask – Gathered a small amount of VERY broken egg shells, then add a little milk powder and organic honey to create a paste. Lather onto the face and leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse under warm water.

3) Plant fertilizer – rinse the egg shells and then place it on top of the soil.

4) Polisher – Clean the egg shell in a container of water and use this water to wash glass or other kitchen dishes.

5) Oh, and to end on a really cute and unique purpose…a semisphere-egg shell can turn itself into a funnel by poking a hole on one end. Then uou can use it to pour oil into a bottle. No mess. No fuss.

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