Posted by: gargupie | October 5, 2009

R.I.P. Gourmet Magazine (1941–2009)

Surely, foodies across the U.S. are mourning of the last issue of a reputable food magazine called Gourmet. Hmmm….gourmet…what a fine and elegant name for a magazine that features delicious recipes (that actually works!) and beautiful food photos. This magazine is probably the first “food porn”. Unfortunately, due to the reduction in advertisement (helloooo recession), Condé Nast has decided to close out Gourmet, yet keep Bon Apetit, which is another food magazine, but with a different demographic IMO. Nevertheless, it’s just sad to see something that has been with us for 68 years go. 68 years of staying in business is no easy feat; unfortunately, all things must come to an end sometime. I wish the best of luck to the Gourmet employees, as they are the ultimate victims in this business decision.

The question for the general readers is…where do we turn to read a decent, honest food magazine now?

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