Posted by: gargupie | September 14, 2009


It’s so difficult to choose a ‘favorite’ fruit, especially the taste of this nature’s candy really depends on the seasons. Spring brings you apricots and strawberries; summer presents us juicy watermelon and peaches to quench our thirst; fall’s crisp breezes indulge us with grapes (wining al fresco perhaps?), figs, and pears; and finally, winter’s citrus fruits, such as lemons, grapefruits, and oranges provide vitamin C to prevent colds and other wintry sicknesses. See? Mother nature knows us best.

But if I had to choose my top, TOP 3 favorite fruits, one of them would be pears. I’m so happy that pear is one of the most common fruits that is sold almost year round, thus I can satisfy my ‘peary‘ needs just by visiting my local supermarket. There are many types of pears, but because I prefer fruits with a crunch, I play a favoritism towards peckham and bosc pears. I know anjou pears are moist and juicy as well as the red pears, but I like the ‘biting’ factor and the work I put on my mouth.

If you pay attention, everyone eats their fruit differently as one. Some may just wipe it down on the sleeve and bite away, whereas other would peel the skin with a knife and only see the flesh. I do both. I peel the skin, slice up the flesh and enjoy every single sections, and then consume the skin because that’s where all the fiber resides.

Would you like to share your favorite fruits? 🙂

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