Posted by: gargupie | August 25, 2009

Turkish sweets

Now how can you have tea without a little ‘something something’? To end our last evening in Istanbul on a ‘sweet’ note, we left the dinner restaurant and hit up a more local cafe to get our sugar fix. There was an array of Turkish sweets, such as the ubiquitous baklava, kadayif ((made from shredded pastry baked in syrup) or lokma (deep-fried lumps of batter served in syrup). We chose a pistachio kadayıf.

You see how small it is as my sweetie rested on the snow-white plate?? You don’t usually order ‘just one’, but I just wanted a taste not a sugar rush at that hour. This two bite miniature is just perfect for my two sip Turkish tea. As I savored the last moment while looking out on the evening street, I recalled the warm hospitality in the smaller Turkish city and luscious history this country is built on.


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