Posted by: gargupie | August 22, 2009

Turkish Tea (çay)

Turkish tea, also known as çay was my favorite beverage while on vacation there. As I’m used to the American version of drink quantity (big cup of tea, big mug of coffee, big gulp of soda…), I was at first mystified by the small glass of tea when the weather there is so hot. How could one quench thirst with just 2 sip of caffeinated liquid? Then I learnt the beauty of savory and patience. Yes, one can discover wisdom by the art of tea drinking.

Turkish tea is served in a tulip-shaped glass along with a stainless steel spoons and exactly two sugar cubes. I don’t like to sweeten my tea, but most Turkish do stir in both cubes. As I delicately sip the hot beverage, I soaked in the remaining heat from the early blazing sun along with the late evening breezes. Although I would welcome another glass of tea, I was surprised satisfied with just one. Rarity is bliss sometimes.

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