Posted by: gargupie | August 6, 2009

Turkey Summer Trip 2009

Every year, mom and I always embark on an annual oversea trip. Since we rarely spend a lot on entertainment or other opulent indulgence in NYC, we treat ourselves to a deserving ‘vaca‘ since we both like to travel and prefer to spend our disposable income on travelling than on a thousand dollar handbag.

Turkey had always been on my mom’s mind for a few years, but something always came up, but we eventually put our feet down and were determined to make this destination come true this year. Lots have been going on, so it was great to get away from it all. I felt so energetic and full of life while I was travelling. My daily walk is equivalent to a month of movement here! Quite sad actually.
This isn’t a travel blog, but I still want to point out some great scenic photos and of course, food photos as well. At first, I thought I’d be in meze heaven in Turkey, but actually, it’s a more meat-based country, so I had to reply on salads and bread (overload of carbs) on this trip. But if you like meat and cheese, this is the place for you. You meet cheap gyro and cheese sandwiches on every street corner and they’re cheap street food! If you’re not looking for fancy food, you can definitely fill yourself up quite economically.

I visited Izmir and Istanbul and you could guess that the latter city is very, very touristy, which I didn’t enjoy very much. But, still got to visit this major capital city. I loved Izmir because the local people were really down to earth and showed great hospitality. They would even treat you to a cup of cay (Turkish tea) even if you’re just a stranger! Very generous people.

I think my initial Turkey entry would be mostly on sceneries. Then I’ll gradually introduce some food photos. Don’t worry, they’re not all salads because my companion does eat meat and desserts, so you will get to see some varieties. Without further adieu, behold the luscious and cultural aspect of this magnificent country that has an amazing history of Christianity and Islam.

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