Posted by: gargupie | July 12, 2009

Cultural Event – Thingyan Water Festival

I love all cultural activities (except for parades), so whenever I have the time during the weekend, I try to attend some cultural festivities not only to educate myself on other traditions and to get some Vitamin D from the sun. Today, I attended the Burmese Water Festival. The Thingyan Water Festival marks the start of the Burmese lunar calendar New Year and they celebrate through declicious foods, dance, and of course, water splashing. I didn’t stay long enough for the H2O part, but I did witness some of the good eats. There were many families there, with young children enjoying delicacies from their background. It’s always great to know there are still family-oriented events available around town for kids to have fun and learn at the same time. I also love taking portraits and documentary, but I was so afraid my subjects would yell at me for taking their photos, but I needed spontaneous posts. Luckily, the children were too busy slurping the syrupy drink filled with sago and consuming cold rice noodles. I bought a slice of banana cake, Burmese style. For $2, not too shabby.


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