Posted by: gargupie | May 25, 2009

A tribute to the man who gave me Dannon yogurt

Before the Greek yogurt craze, our source of dairy calcium (besides milk and cheese) was mostly from yogurt and Dannon yogurt was the most widely consumed brand in the US. Now, the founder of this versatile food has passed away recently and I wanted to pay him a tribute on this Memorial Day (even though it’s not military related).

Read this article to learn more about the spoonful of yogurt you may put into your mouth. When I’m on a budget and can’t splurge on another tub of Greek yogurt, my default would be Dannon since it doesn’t use any HFCS. I also love the variety of flavors it offers and my all time favorites are black cherry, key lime, and french vanilla and the recently newbies pineapple coconut and pomegranate berry. What’s your favorite yogurt flavors?

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