Posted by: gargupie | May 20, 2009

Summer is *almost* here!

My goodness…I thought warmth would never reach NYC. While mother nature has been tricking us with a roller coaster-liked temperature pattern, I’m glad this week is finally warming up. How do we equal summer with health? Dieting! Now, there are probably more people ordering salads for lunch than good old “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” meal. The number of gym-goers and Central Park joggers will also increase, which is good because we all need some fresh air and build our muscles and stamina. I buy the idea of exercising, but when it comes to resorting to a few leaves of lettuces as a meal to shed a few pounds, that’s just doing more damages to the body. Studies have shown that the body goes into starvation mode when a person eats less than the minimum number of calories needed for body functions, so by dipping to a low number would only sabotage one’s diet and health, resulting to binging or creating other illnesses.

As always, moderation is key. Perhaps some people do get better results from certain diet plans (ex: Atkins, South Beach, or pre-packed meal plans), but when it comes to funky diets, I believe it’s a poor short-cut to reach a number goal.

Diet is a lifestyle, not a phase. So don’t follow a plan that you don’t believe you can live with. Choose a lifestyle that fits your needs and treat your body with respect and love.

What are your plans to stay fit and healthy?

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