Posted by: gargupie | April 27, 2009

Are You An Adventurous Eater?

When it comes to the food you put into your mouth, are you game for anything? This question can be applied to different scenarios, such as your willingness to experiment other ethnic food, to taste a different flavor, or to brave the fusion world.

However, does your adventures disappoint you at times that you eventually crawl back to your good ol‘ place and beg for forgiveness?

I used to be an adventurous eater, whether it’s a trip for Indian, French, or Africa, I was game. I loved to discover and try out new restaurants, especially those hold in the wall joints. Well, it was also much easier when I was an omnivore. Now, I realized a lot of places disappoint me – price/quality/service wised. Sometimes the size and quality of a dish doesn’t justify its price or the flavor is really off. Furthermore, bad service can really ruin an appetite and a good dining experience. Now of course I don’t expect 5 star service at a take-out place, but respect and courtesy are keys to build a regular customer basis and I’ve been to cheap sandwich shops with wonderful staff who are always kind enough to accommodate my gastric needs.

It’s great to leave one’s comfort zone, but at times, going back to the ol‘ place that’s guaranteed good food and service just makes life so much easier. I agree with the expression that more choices means more complication. What’s your take? And is there any cuisine you’re hoping to try but maybe too afraid to?


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