Posted by: gargupie | March 17, 2009

My Favorite GREEN Vegetable

When it comes to vegetables, I love them all across the rainbow. Whether it’s the bright yellow zucchini, the royal purple eggplant, the snow white jicama, or the “aren’t u” orange pepper (yes, I’m cheesy like that, hee), I just love them all. But for one of my top TOP three favorite vegetables, that would have to be the Chinese broccoli, also called ‘kai lan’.

I love anything with a crunch and a bite to it (like wheatberries rather than mealy instant oatmeal or just blanched broccoli and not mushy spinach). If you see the sturdy stalks of the kai lan, you would know what I mean. I would ‘steal’ all the stalks and leave my guests (aka my mom) with the green leaves. She always complains, but I couldn’t help myself.

I love it when my mom stirfry it with some olive oil and fresh garlic. Simple and easy. That’s the best.

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