Posted by: gargupie | January 29, 2009

Creative webpage for individualized vegetarian meatloaf

I can get pretty lazy when it comes to cooking sometimes. When you’re tired, you just want to make something simple and easy (aka yogurt with museli for moi). I had a chance to eat a vegan meatloaf at a hippy vegetarian restaraunt last month and I felt in love with the idea of a meatless ‘meatloaf’. I wanted to omit eggs and breadcrumbs, instead, wished to incorporate whole grains and beans instead. I was researching on the Internet and came across this amazing webpage where you select the ingredients you want in your meatloaf and it comes out with all the measurement for you! Granted that this ‘personalized’ recipe has never been tested before, but having a blueprint to design your own recipe is pretty cool to me and I can experiment with it anyway I want! So check it out. I might try to make one this weekend and will post if I do. 🙂 But here’s a picture for you feast on for now.

Let me know if you decided to make one too!

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