Posted by: gargupie | January 12, 2009

How well do you treat yourself?

I just want to quote Cristin from “Eat Like Me” –

“As busy as we all are I think it is important to always take a little time on the weekend to do something for yourself that makes you feel good. It always helps me to get through another work week if I have something I am looking forward to on the weekend!”

It’s really difficult for me to “treat” myself well. Sometimes I feel I’m not “worth” it or I feel guilty because why am I splurging on myself when my mom is out working, especially in this dire economy? I get tired of making my meals everyday and just wanted to ‘buy’ a meal. While my right brain tells me to just do it – bring your favorite magazine and sit in a restaurant to enjoy a nice lunch, but then my left brain would rationalize the cost of the meal and the money I could be saving instead. This see-saw argument is really stressful. Is it so difficult to love yourself sometimes?

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